Recipe Meal Kits

Since August 2020 we’ve been producing our Recipe Meal Kits.  The creation & distribution of these kits tackle food insecurity, food waste & provide an educational platform where beneficiaries receive food but also learn new skills and are able to cook a healthy meal from scratch with their family.

Kits delivered
Meals provided
Recipes created
Beneficiary money saved (£'s)
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Project Overview

Each kit contains: a recipe card, top tips/food swaps, nutritional information and all the ingredients required to make a healthy, affordable meal at home for a family of four.

Our kits aim to: 1. Tackle food insecurity by providing regular free food 2. Upskill individuals and increase confidence by showcasing simple, tasty recipes and different cooking techniques. 3. Improve health by introducing healthy recipes and cooking methods 4. Increase well-being by providing an engaging home-based activity parents can do with their children and being a social touch point for the isolated 5. Reduce food waste by utilising surplus food from The Felix Project

We provide our kits to: vulnerable children & families, isolated individuals, people living in sheltered accomodation/at risk of homelessness,  unemployed/job insecure infirm and the elderly

We deliver our kits to: community hubs, food banks and schools in Brent, Barnet and Edmonton

Partners that we work with: Homestart, The Arc N9, Bountagu N9, St Peter’s Church N9, B.A.S.E N9, Food Alliance Enfield, All Saint’s church N9, The Foyer N9, St Mungoe’s, Edmonton Community Partnership, Edmonton Schools, Burnt Oak Women’s Group, East Finchley Food Bank, Brent Council & schools in Brent, Caritas, The Rainbow Centre Barnet, Graheme Park Barnet, St Barnabus Food Bank, Collindale Food Bank.

Funders: We are able to provide our kits thanks to our funders below:


By being rooted within the communities we serve we manage to get on the ground feedback. We know our kits are making a real difference to people’s everyday life.

Repeat request for kits
Engaged as a family activity
Learnt something new
Alleviate current food insecurity
Improved cooking confidence
Tried a new cultural dish
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Donate a meal today - #Donateameal
Getting a Meal Kit to a family in need costs about £5, a £10 donation enables us to feed 2 families of four and £100 will help us educate and feed around 80 people.
Thank you

The Bread n Butter team