Our Free-idge approach

Today, millions of people in the UK experience hunger whilst tonnes of fresh food is thrown away. To help redistribute food waste we are piloting 4 community fridges in 4 London schools.

With the help of NLWA funding we have gifted a Free-idge to each school. The free-edges have been positioned within the school to allow access to everyone within the school’s community. It’s purpose is simple. Food is donated by those people who are not going to use it so that it can be taken free of charge by others within the community who have a need for it. It’s re-distributing edible food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Much of our food waste is a result of our bad habits; over buying, buying what we don’t need, cooking too much or poorly organising our food so food is forgotten. When we become more conscious about our food waste we tend to reduce it.

Our Free-idge is also supported by the Felix project who re-distribute food from supermarkets, food companies and alike. The Felix project has been in operation for 2 years now and already they are working with 200 charities and 200 suppliers helping disadvantaged adults and children to get access to high quality food.   Felixproject.org

Free-idges installed
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